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febrero 11, 2019
Sweetwater Moves Headquarters to Eastman Business Park
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Sweetwater Energy has relocated its corporate headquarters to Eastman Business Park’s Building 205 on the corner of Ridge Road and Mt. Read Blvd.

The million-square-foot building already houses a manufacturing space renovated for Sweetwater’s future high-value cellulose demonstration plant, and has enough manufacturing space to accommodate the eventual relocation and expansion of the current Sunburst demo plant currently housed on Lee Road in Rochester.

“Not only do I see this as a good move for Sweetwater, but I think it’s important symbolically that we’re committed to the Rochester area and to being part of the biochemical renaissance Eastman Business Park is undergoing,” says Arunas Chesonis, Chairman and CEO of Sweetwater. “We’re now in a place where we can leverage Kodak’s tremendous manufacturing expertise while having room to expand all our administration, research, engineering, and operations under one roof.”

On the first floor, 3,000 square feet of manufacturing space has been renovated in preparation for the demonstration-scale plant that will use high-value cellulose extracted via Sweetwater’s pretreatment system. Another 3,000 square-foot space is reserved for the future site of a lignin valorization system. Eventually, Sweetwater plans to move its existing demonstration Sunburst pretreater to Building 205 as well.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has pledged $1 million in funding for the new cellulose and lignin valorization plants, and has already contributed nearly $500,000 to Sweetwater’s existing Sunburst pretreatment plant.

Sweetwater Energy utiliza una tecnología única para producir celulosa nanofibrilada de bajo costo, celulosa microcristalina, azúcares y lignina limpia a partir de materiales vegetales no alimentarios para ayudar a satisfacer las crecientes demandas de bioenergía y bioquímica del mundo moderno.


2400 Mt. Read Blvd.

Rochester, NY 14615


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