Sweetwater Press-Release-IconMIT Startup Exchange, an organization at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that actively promotes collaboration and partnerships between MIT-connected startups and industry, has selected Sweetwater Energy as one of the companies the organization will help promote.

The exchange is represented on the industry side by 260 Industrial Liaison Program member companies. Meetings between MIT Startup Exchange startups and industry are facilitated by program directors, each of whom manages a portfolio of member companies. The managers’ primary role is to match company research interests with relevant MIT faculty and researchers to help accelerate startup growth.

“We’re quite honored to be chosen by the MIT Startup Exchange,” says Arunas Chesonis, Chairman and CEO of Sweetwater. “The contacts and exposure of being part of the exchange will no doubt greatly benefit Sweetwater as we refine our technology and make worldwide connections with industry and investors.”

Throughout the year, MIT Startup Exchange hosts numerous networking events, from half-day workshop events at MIT to full-day showcase events in Silicon Valley, London, Tokyo, and other global innovation hubs. Events provide a mix of startups, MIT faculty, industry managers, government leaders, and seasoned financiers, all discussing innovation and the future outlook for specific sectors.