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January 12, 2012
Sweetwater Energy names Ron Boillat Chief Deployment Officer

Sweetwater Energy, Inc., a Rochester-based renewable energy company, announced today it has named Ron Boillat as Chief Deployment Officer. Mr. Boillat will manage all logistics for the company, including the infrastructure build-out of Sweetwater’s new facility and offices.

“Ron is a very strong addition to the team,” said Arunas Chesonis, CEO of Sweetwater. “He has helped grow several early-stage companies into great successes with a no-nonsense approach to managing logistics, and he’s maintained that entrepreneurial approach even when these companies have become fantastically successful.”

Mr. Boillat has over 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, in start-up ventures, turnaround situations, as well as established carrier organizations. He has also served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Current Communications Services, Executive Vice President of Global Crossing’s local telephone service businesses, President and Chief Operating Officer of Frontier Cellular, and Vice President Sales and Marketing for Cellular One. Mr. Boillat helped found the start-up company ACC Long Distance, holding various sales, marketing and operation roles, eventually becoming Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Mr. Boillat is currently overseeing Sweetwater’s transition from its incubator headquarters in the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Venture Creations business incubator to 500 Lee Road in Rochester, NY.


Sweetwater Energy uses a unique technology for producing low-cost nanofibrillated cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, sugars, and clean lignin from non-food plant materials to help meet the modern world's increasing bioenergy and biochemical demands.

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